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    the rocky horror picture show





    Shadowcast performing The Rocky Horror Picture Show in NJ!

    formerly known as The Home of Happiness


    Monthly performances at Teaneck Cinemas, 503 Cedar Lane, Teaneck, NJ, and

    Chatham Hickory Cinemas, 641 Shunpike Lane, Chatham NJ!



    Experience The Cosmic Light Cabaret's live shadowcast performances of The Rocky Horror Picture Show in New Jersey! The cult classic comes to life onstage with all the madness and mayhem you'd expect! Formerly known as The Home of Happiness Rocky Horror cast! Don't miss out on this unforgettable experience!


    We perform monthly in Teaneck and Chatham!


    Teaneck performance dates for a given month are announced at the previous month's show. (e.g. for a March show, the date will be announced at the February show, etc.) 


    Chatham performances are always the last Saturday of the Month






    Friday, June 28 @ 11:00PM | PRIDE NIGHT - Teaneck Cinemas - TICKETS


    Saturday, June 29 @ 9:45PM | PRIDE NIGHT - Chatham Hickory Cinema - TICKETS


    Saturday, July 27 @ 9:45PM | Chatham Hickory Cinema - TICKETS







    Please note that outside prop bags are not permitted at Teaneck Cinemas.

    The cast will have prop bags available for sale for $5 at the door.

    All performances are wheelchair accessible unless otherwise noted.

    For press and booking inquiries, please contact cast@cosmiclightcabaret.com



    the cosmic light cabaret

    We've been bringing Rocky Horror to New Jersey for over 25 years!

    A sillhouete of New Jersey with a heart shot by an arrow and a pair of singing lips superimposed on top, reminiscent of The Rocky Horror Picture Show


    Located in Northern New Jersey and established in 1998, The Cosmic Light Cabaret (previously known as The Home of Happiness) is NJ's longest-running Rocky Horror Picture Show shadowcast performance troupe. Our show is an interactive audience participation experience, combining the enjoyment of watching a movie with the thrill of live theatre! Join us in celebrating the most iconic cult film of all time right in Bergen County!


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    A little audience participation, a lot of silliness, and a ton of fun! The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a moviegoing experience unlike any other. Our shadowcast performers will expertly act out the film in front of the screen (with some added frivolity) while you, the audience, throw things and yell expletives! PLUS Arrive early for a fun video dance party!


    Only your beautiful self! And a little cash. The Cosmic Light Cabaret sells prop bags at the show with everything you'll need to participate. From rice to newspaper to toilet paper-- we've got you covered! Prop bag sales are how we afford to continue bringing this show to you, so please support the cast and buy a prop bag!


    Wear what makes you feel confident and comfortable! Wanna lace up into a rhinestoned corset and fishnets as Frank n Furter? Go for it! Feel like breaking out your favorite old Halloween costume? Sounds good! The Rocky Horror Picture Show is the perfect place to dress up in your sexy best, but a t-shirt & jeans is also perfectly fine. We're adults running around a movie theater in our underwear -- we're in no place to judge what other people wear to our show. We do sometimes hold costume contests though, so keep an eye on our social media to see when the best time is to wear a particular costume. You might even win a prize!


    The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a rated-R movie, so attendees should be 17 years of age (or come with a guardian). While there is a lot of raunchy humor in our show, sex, nudity, drugs, and alcohol are NOT allowed. This is a safe event, even if it is a bit wild.

  • Devirginization

    Not as scary as your middle school health teacher made it sound

    A sillhouete of New Jersey with a heart shot by an arrow and a pair of singing lips superimposed on top, reminiscent of The Rocky Horror Picture Show

    Losing your Rocky Horror virginity

    It doesn't hurt (unless you're into that) 

    Those who have never seen Rocky Horror in a theater with a shadowcast before are known as "Virgins" and one of the most exciting parts of any Rocky Horror performance is the Devirginization ceremony! This brief ritual is a fun, harmless way to commemorate your first time getting the full Rocky Horror experience. You only have to go through it once, and once you have, you can bring your unsuspecting friends to the show next time and watch them experience it too! It's the gift that keeps on giving.



    Do the Time Warp with us!


    Whether you're a theater, bar, college, or private function, we'd love to perform alongside The Rocky Horror Picture Show at your Northern NJ or New York Metropolitan area event! We have experience at venues large and small, and have performed for audiences of over 2300! If you have presented Rocky Horror with The Home of Happiness in the past, we would love to work with you again! Use the contact form, send an email, or call us and we'll get back to you ASAP! Rates vary.

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